Board Members

Check here for news and information about your Washington Water Authority Board Members. 

The Washington Water Authority is a division of the Rural Development Authority of Washington County Arkansas. Its purpose is to maintain and operate the Washington Water Authority in such a way as to provide a safe and adequate water supply to its clients as well as adhering to all state and federal rules and regulations. The Washington Water Authority shall work in conjunction with the Rural Development Authority of Washington County on projects to expand water service to the areas not currently with a public water supply. The WWA shall be responsible for projects to service existing and potentially new customers.

The Washington Water Authority consists of seven (7) commissioners. 

Customers may contact Washington Water Authority Board to provide comments, report concerns, or to ask questions at the following email addresses:

Name Email Term Expiration
Lee DuChanois February 6, 2025
Brad Hardin February 6, 2027
Larry Walker February 6, 2027
Chris Coker February 6, 2029
Terri Lynne McNaughton February 6, 2026
Michael "Butch" Bartholomew February 6, 2028
Howard Carter February 6, 2028